TikTok has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is one of the top social networks of the moment, with high popularity among Generation Z. Just like on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, it is possible to make money on the platform by being a great influencer – but this is not the only way.

How to put the invite code on TikTok
How to gain followers on TikTok

Besides having a referral system that allows you to receive money directly to your account, the social network has several tools that can be useful to promote your personal brand or that of your company. Here are five tips on how to monetize TikTok.

How to monetize TikTok with the fund for content creators

The TikTok Creator Fund was announced in July and allows content creators to monetize their videos. For this purpose, TikTok has a $1 billion fund and anticipates double that amount to distribute globally over the next three years.

For now the program is only available in the United States and depends on invitations from the platform itself. But soon it should reach more countries, including Brazil.

To meet the social network’s requirements, the creator must publish original content, be over 18, have at least 10,000 followers, and have at least 10,000 views on his or her posts in the 30 days prior to enrollment.

Keep an eye out for news and notifications from TikTok, as the app will certainly let you know when the feature arrives here.

How to monetize live on TikTok

It is possible to earn money with live broadcasts on TikTok, but to do so the creator must make a Pro account and have at least a thousand followers. After that, when you make a live broadcast, viewers can use the gift icon to reward you with social network coins (rubies), which can be exchanged for real money.

See how to change your regular account to a professional profile in our complete tutorial – there you will also be able to access the analytics panel with audience and engagement numbers.

Creating Sponsored Content

While the creator fund is not available in Brazil, you can negotiate directly with brands to run a campaign using your TikTok account. For this, companies usually ask for your audience data (found in the “Analytics” tab) and terms are discussed individually with the content producer.

Since the “For You” tab is very prominent on TikTok, allowing even beginner creators’ videos to go viral very quickly, you don’t have to be a big influencer to attract brand sponsorship.

You can get paid by keeping a frequent and creative posting schedule, and by ensuring a minimum of views – something that is not that hard to achieve on the social network.

Selling your own products or services

How about media your own brand, product or service on TikTok? Do you own a jewelry store? Are you a musician and have just released a new single? Have you set up an online English course? Use your creativity to offer your services in the social network’s short videos.

After attracting many users with your content, you can use the popular “link in bio” to insert the address of a commercial website, an artist profile on a streaming platform or a sales page, taking advantage of the audience to earn money with the help of the social network.

Join the TikBonus Campaign

Finally, as we have already taught here on Tecnoblog, you can earn money by referring friends and performing tasks for TikTok. For each friend who signs up with your code, you earn $2 (and he earns $0.50).

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