The automotive scanner is a tool used in the diagnosis of the faults registered in the electronic area of a car specifically in the computer of the same one, computer in which undue signals are handled and detected being registered with an error code.

This tool accesses the information registered in the computer reading the registered codes and reporting them. The model manual and vehicle make or scanner system itself shows which location or component the error code refers to.

Some error codes come from occasional failures, so with the scanner program they can be erased if they are corrected. However, there may be the case of faults that are not recorded in the history of the scanner as in the case of purely mechanical parts that work independently, as is the case of the set in the suspension parts that are not connected to the computer; pure electrical components.

What is an automotive computer?

The car’s computer is very similar to the one we use at home. They are different because the home computer processes words, the car computer makes it more efficient.

Computers have several electronic parts inside them such as microprocessors, which are usually on a plate that lets you do various calculations that make the efficiency of the car improve.

As the technology advances, these microprocessors are more seen and are improving with which the management of information of the sensors is attainable.

These computers also store fault information so that they can be seen in the workshops that have the necessary equipment. Capacities vary widely in makes and models. For that reason, in certain cars they control the gasoline injection and ignition system, and others also control the dashboard, temperature, brakes, among other things.

The computers arrived at the end of the 1970s, when it was necessary to control the combustion gases when experiments were carried out injecting fuel. The control of pass of gasoline for the injectors threw a great amount of requests.

Before the existence of the injection, cars had a carburetor, that carburetor was the piece that controlled the passage of gasoline and normally were not as accurate because when corrected from one side to unbalance on the other side.

In a computer system, when something is corrected it is done by software automatically and not otherwise. Over the years, all the faults in the injection systems have been improved using computers that improved the performance of the cars.

The car’s computer works through the sensors. The sensors have also been changing in order to give accurate and good information to the computers. These are placed in different parts of the car engine and connected to the computer and with the data recorded by the EUC makes calculations to make the necessary repairs to the injectors. The information is sent to the injection system that allows the passage of gasoline to the engine.

In the case of computers that see the ignition system, sensors are needed to calculate the engine speed and position of the piston. The computer measures the exact moment at which it must send a signal to the ignition module to ignite the spark and generate combustion.

In the case of the sensors on the wheels, they warn the anti-lock system and if the computer detects that one wheel is moving at a different speed than the other, it tells the system to vary the speed to match them. Everything is done separately for each wheel.

All the information inside a computer is directed by a program that was created by specialists from different areas, and that program is stored in memories.

These computers are protected against dust, water, oil, vibrations and temperature, among other things that can contaminate them because they must not be damaged or stop working properly for any reason. The topic of safety is one of the ones that the engineers of the automotive world consider the most, and computers have helped making cars safer and more advanced over time.

Cars have at least one computer that monitors engine gases and adjusts it so that emissions are as low as possible, if the car is not a classic for several years.

Another thing that the car’s computer detects is the gasoline that burns in the engine, receiving information from sensors such as: oxygen sensor, air pressure, air temperature and engine, accelerator position, pre-ignition or detonation.

When something goes wrong, the computer detects it and warns the driver by turning on a check engine light. A mechanic can see it through the computer and fix it by an element connected to the fuse box and a laptop.

Computers vary according to the cost of the car. That is to say, for some developed transmissions there is a computer that controls their operation.

Many times the airbag system has its own computer. A car with a security system has a computer for these elements, just as the air conditioners have their computers, among others.

This means that a car today is a set of computers and it is incredible the amount of sensors and controls it covers.